Whats Brewing?!

Its been a whirlwind couple of months down at Brewsmith Beer. We've FINALLY got the kit set up and working how we like it, and production has began in earnest.

First round of brews were produced, sold and delivered before we could even take a breath. The Brewsmith Bitter at 3.9% ABV and the Brewsmith Pale at 4.2% AB have been poured and enjoyed in Greater Manchester and Lancashire - and some even making it as far as the North East. 

IPA, Oatmeal Stout and a further brew of the Bitter are leaving the brewery as I type. 

If you're keen to have a sample, the best way to keep informed is on Twitter - we regularly re-tweet messages from pubs, clubs and bars letting us and you know when Brewsmith Beer is being poured.

And of course, we're always keen to get feedback from drinkers on the beer, or anything else for that matter, so don't hesitate to send us a message, call or e-mail.

Check back for further posts in the coming weeks, especially if you'd like a bit more insight into the brewing process.....