Its been 7 weeks since the last post, and we have been busy. We don't quite have a brew house yet, but what we do have is some lovely drainage and some lovely flooring, expertly fitted by local company John Lord. The drainage, screeding and finish in the brewhouse is designed to be easily cleaned, non slip and anti-bacterial. You can see the difference in the new pictures.

Next job is getting some paint on the walls, which will be a bit of graft but I'm sure will be worth it once its up. After that, we'll be getting the water, gas and the electricity to the right places in the building ready for the 9th of June and the arrival of some lovely shiny stainless vessels piped up ready to make some beer!

Recipes are currently being formulated -  there should be some information on the website imminently to whet your appetite.

In other news, we can heartily recommend a visit to Blackedge Brewing Company in Horwich. Had a run up last Friday to have a look round the brewhouse, (nick some ideas!) and of course sample some brews. They offer tours by arrangement, and have a cracking bottleshop. Head to for more info. 

Next week is The SIBA Wales and West beer competition in Ludlow, and one of us is looking forward to our first foray into beer judging. Excited and nervous!

Look for the Anvil!